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Accredited UNGGUL based on Decree BAN-PT No. 1310/SK/BAN-PT/AK-ISK/S/III/2022


ISO 21001:2018 certificate issued by the Institute Global Certification Republic of Korea which is a certification for the Educational Organizations Management System for the provision of higher education services (Provision of Higher Education Services – Learning, Research, and Community Services)

Graduates Profile

The graduate profile appears the parts that graduates can carry out in certain ranges of mastery after completing their considers. Based on the benchmarks of the Indonesian National Capabilities System (KKNI), the profile of level 6 undergrad program graduates is:

  1. Able to utilize science and innovation in their field of ability, and able to adjust to circumstances confronted in tackling issues.
  2. Ace the hypothetical concepts of a specific field of information in common and the hypothetical concepts of a particular portion of that field of information in profundity, and be able to define procedural problem solving.
  3. Able to form vital choices based on data and information examination, and give direction in selecting different elective arrangements.
  4. Mindful for one’s claim work and can be given obligation for accomplishing organizational comes about. 
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